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Dyslexics Untied!

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The Dyslexics Untied Team

Lucas Rogers - Director and Badass

Jacob Gagel - Video Editing, Assistant

Director, Mythical Creatures Enthusiast

Bridget Bard - Baller Shot Caller

Kristi Apostel - Spell Checker

Jacob Schuhmann - Co-Host, Wolverine Expert

Shawn Apostel - Co-Host, Novice Polyglot

This is our old website. Our new website is


Our new site is so much better. Why are you still here?


Associate Professor Dr. Shawn Apostel and Bellarmine University graduate and MBA student Jacob Schuhmann began this podcast in 2018 to talk about their higher-educational experiences through the lens of their dyslexia.


Today, they talk about current events that address the dyslexic community. 

Join listeners from more than 20 countries, and download the posts wherever you get your podcasts. Visit Spotify to see a complete list. 

Dr. Shawn Apostel and Jacob Schuhmann smile as Jacob holds his college deploma after the graduation ceremony.
Dr. Shawn and Jacob at his graduation ceremony. 
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